"XP Series" Stand-and-Shoot Portable Duck Blind

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The Xceltek XP Series portable Stand-and-Shoot waterfowl blind is all about fast set up / tear down and extreme durability.  This Duck / Goose blind arrives fully assembled and ready to camouflage.  If you have to pack-in / pack-out or want to leave it for the season, this is the blind for you. Brushes in just like a permanent blind.  No fabric or plastic parts to break down due to the elements.  Leave in the field and it will be just like you left it the next season  Includes the Xceltek Patent Pending Fly-Away System.  Fly-Away panels easily deploy for stand-and-shoot hunting and a dog exit for effective marking and retrieving.  Purchase 2 for back-to-back concealment or use with a Sit-and-Shoot for Lower Front Concealment.

Assembled with Wire Panels and Hardware only.  Does not include Concealment grass or Foliage.  To be brushed in by the user to fit the environment.


  • Unfolded - 17' Long x 67" Tall
  • Folded - 42" Wide x 67" Tall
  • End Panels - 40" Wide x 60" Tall
  • Mid Panels - 40" Wide x 48" Tall & 19" Fly-Aways
  • 10' Long Fly-Away Area (Easily fits 4 hunters and a retriever)