XP Series Portable Blinds

The Xceltek "XP Series" Portable Blind was designed to be an Ultra-Durable Portable Waterfowl Blind System.  Whether for a Goose Hunt or Duck Hunt, it sets up in and tears down in minutes.  Portable enough to use as a Take-in/Take-out Blind solution, Durable enough to leave in the field for the entire season.  Comfortably Conceal (4) Hunters and a Retriever in the Fly-Away Zone.  The Xceltek XP Series Blind will provide years of concealment.  Stand 2 blinds back to back for dual sided shot selection.  Use a Sit-and-Shoot in the front and a Stand-and-Shoot in the back for primarily front side action and an occasional requirement to shoot behind.  This system allows for a flexible set-up yet delivers camouflage where needed.

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