Xceltek Concealment Grass

At XcelTek, we believe using untreated concealment grass is the best way to ensure the most natural blending of your waterfowl blind into the immediate surroundings to help deceive those wary Ducks and Geese.

Each two pound Bundle of XcelTek Concealment Grass will cover approximately 16 square feet or a 48 inch x 48 inch area of your layout blind, pit top, duck boat, or blind panel when installed per the recommendations included in each package.

Choose from eight hand selected camoflage colors.  Mix and match to get the perfect pattern for your favorite Duck or Goose hunting spot.  Or, Choose one of our six pound assorted color schemes.
Colored Concealment Grass is a natural palm fiber  that will supply years of reliable concealment when properly installed and maintained. Xceltek Concealment Grass is not the same product as palm thatch.

Concealment Grass strands will generally be between 48 inches & 70 inches long. Varying length are great for adding a natural look to your hunting blind and helping it blend into its surroundings.  XcelTek Concealment Grass is always supplied in its natural untreated condition to ensure maximum dimensional effect.

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