XT Series Waterfowl Blinds


Xceltek XT Series Waterfowl Blinds for a Comfortable and Stable Experience while Hunting Ducks and Geese.  Purchase one of our Pre-Configured Do-It-Yourself Blind Kits or a Fully Assembled Model Blind.  Select the Blind that fits your hunting environment and pay only for the options you require.  Easy to Conceal Wire Panels hide you from that wary Duck or Goose.  XT Series D-I-Y Kits are provided without Boards & Panels for the hunter that likes to do his own work or requires a blind that can be built on-site. XT Series Fully assembled Blinds are ready to haul out to your favorite site and only require being brushed in to match your environment. 

What Sets the XcelTek XT Series Blinds Apart?    Its all in the Details!!                         All metal parts are Galvanized Steel or Stainless steel.  Storage........Full blind length Under-Seat Storage, Generous Rear shelf with access from inside the Blind, Front Shelf with Shelf Stops and Gun Secure Locations.  Light-Weight Front & Rear Fly-Aways.  Dog Friendly Design wlith Multi-Location Dog Access.  Self Closing Doors.  24" Independent Easy Level Legs.  Dog Area Option.  Skid Option.  Do-It-Yourself Kits Available.  Build-In-Place Option.  Fully Assembled Option with Weather Treated Wood.  

All of our Blind options (Kits or Fully Assemebled) are available to ship anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

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