Fly-Away Kit on T-Post Style D-I-Y Duck Blind

This is an awesome example of where the Xceltek Proprietary Fly-Away Hinge Kit is at it's best.  We call this a "T-Post Style Duck Blind" and it is being assembled on a Slew along a river bottom that frequently floods.  Placing a more expensive Blind option here is not desirable as the Blind could float away or be damaged due to floating debris.  Using the Fly-Away Hinge kit we are still able to provide excellent concealment and throw it out of the way to yield maximum shot selection.  Check out the progression of pictures to see if Xceltek can help you solve your concealment scenario.  


Started with building a bench and concreting it in the desired location along the slew.  Portable chairs could be used instead of the bench.

Hauled all our gear and materials in and built the front wall using t-posts, utility panel and the Xceltek Wire Panel Attachment Kit

Built the rear wall and attached the Xceltek Fly-Away System to the top.

Attached the Xceltek Fly-Away System to the front wall.

Fly-Aways function up and down as desired.

Blind finished and brushed in.  We like to use palm fronds as they blend well with the fall colored foliage.

Brushed in Front & Rear Fly-Aways and Painted the Bright spots with camo paint.

Ready For Action........   Bring on Opening Day!!!!

Opening Day Success!!!!


Click on the pictures above to see the T-Post Style Blind with the Xceltek Patent Pending Fly-Away system in action